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Designers submit their original designs
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Designers earn royalties and win Awards


Why It Works:

Turn Your Render into a Sparkling Reality
Creating a piece of jewellery using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is no easy task. Designers must understand both drawing and sculpture, visualization and spatial perception, as well as the technical ways in which jewellery is manufactured! At Gem Privé we want to champion these skills and give designers a chance to compete for manufacturing, recognition, and royalties! Designers receive 10% on every piece sold.

We have the Expertise
Our qualified gemologists and skilled craftsmen have spent years studying so you don’t have to! Skilled in the art of cutting, polishing, and setting gemstones our trusted jewellers are able to turn your designs into a sparkling reality. Responsibly and ethically sourced we only use the highest quality natural materials.

Shop at home – Sell from home
Both designers and buyers have traditionally spent a great deal of time and money traveling the globe to meet each other. At Gem Privé we bring unique designs from a global talent pool directly into the hands of our customers. Designers can earn money on their own time and win world-wide recognition from the comfort of their home.

Made – To – Order Makes More Sense
At Gem Privé we bring your designs to life one piece at a time. All of Gem Privé’s jewellery is made-to-order which means we don’t end up with excess inventory. This way we have less operational expenses and can pass the savings on to our customers. We can save you up to 60% on a like for like item for sale in a bricks and mortar store.

Supporting our Designers
Gem Prive supports the designers we work with in how they market and merchandise their work. We provide PR resources to editorialize their jewellery and we act as a liaison between designers and press to help tell their stories to a wider audience. Top designers will gain exposure at key industry events and have their jewellery stocked at exclusive retailers. Winning a Gem Privé Award elevates the status of a designer – whether they are emerging or established!

YOU decide what goes into our Store
Now’s your chance to be a virtual jewellery buyer and help Gem Privé choose which designs get created. The online community along with a panel of expert judges at Gem Privé will select the best designs to include in our shop. During each campaign designers can see first-hand how well their design is being received by the online community. We analyse social media virality and interest. Constructive comments and honest feedback can re-shape the destiny of a design that may not have made it onto the shelf without your help- so release your inner jewellery buyer offer up your opinion!

Making a Difference
The obvious reality is that Gem Privé gives designers the opportunity to get a foot in the door of the fine jewellery industry at no cost and with no previous track record. Designers can build a business on their own time and start earning income with just one design.

The more hidden reality is that Gem Privé is giving equal opportunities to designers from around the world– particularly in emerging markets where the money earned from royalties can be life-changing. We want to lower the barriers of entry for the new wave of entrepreneurs in nations where job creation is paltry and following your creative passion is still just a dream. We’re not just making jewellery – we’re making a difference.