Don’t get lost in a never-ending inventory of 3D designs! Gem Privé’s in-house team of jewellery experts are responsible for curating the entries we receive to source only the best designs from around the globe. We pride ourselves on putting talent in the spotlight and even offer PR services to tell your story to a wider audience.

Turn your Submissions into Commissions: Working with individuals to create bespoke pieces of jewellery means a guaranteed income on every bespoke project.

Design Campaigns: Enter your designs in one of our campaigns and get (pre-manufacturing) feed-back direct from consumers! By offering up their opinions our online community of jewellery lovers help us decide which pieces to make and sell on our site.

Awards and Royalties: For each campaign Gem Privé Awards are given to the designs with the most likes, shares, and comments. They must also stand out as having particular technical and aesthetic merit from our in house team of experts. If you receive an award you’re design is then sold in our shop with 10% royalty on each piece sold or designers receive a cash prize for winning a bespoke commission.

Submit your designs here!