Join us on a virtual journey to discover the world’s best jewellery designers!

Gem Privé is a design contest platform for fine jewellery designers competing to win manufacturing, recognition, and royalties.

The designers are amateurs and professionals with only one thing in common: they’re working in CAD (Computer-aided design). Designers submit their designs and jewellery-lovers can vote for the ones they like best. The most popular designs will go into production, and be sold on our website, with a 10 per cent cut going to the designer.

We understand the traditional retail model creates barriers for fine jewellery designers in getting their jewellery made, distributed, and sold. Retailers are not prepared to take risks on designers with no proven track record – often the most extravagant, or unique, designs are overlooked.

By providing a risk-free platform for designers to test the market – Gem Privé aims to lower the barriers of entry for a new wave of designers looking to turn their creativity into a career.

Your likes, sharing, and comments help our team decide which designs get made and help designers grow from the critiques and exposure.

A critical component of Gem Privé’s success has always been our strong customer community which is made up of very passionate international jewellery designers, lovers, and buyers.

Our customers not only want to give feedback on what we produce and sell, but they also want the opportunity to actively participate in the whole process, whether it be actually designing a piece of jewellery, or telling us what designs they like the best.

With help from you Gem Privé is able to support new and emerging design talent by producing items that are in-line with our community’s desires.

Go on – offer up your opinion!
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